2017 Hall of Fame and Star of Tomorrow Event Reception

Join the Lake County Bowling Association September 23, 2017 for the induction of Ken Barton and John Eifert into the associations Hall of Fame. 

This event will include our 2017 Star of Tomorrow Scholarship awards winners, the Bowler of the year and All-lake County team and our senior bowler of the year winners. 

2017 Hall of Fame Induction Dinner reception Reservation Form Please submit your reservation by September 9, 2017 to secure your spot. 

2017 Hall of Fame Flyer


2017 Hall of Fame and Star of Tomorrow Event

Lake County Members, mark your calendar for this event: The LCBA Hall of Fame and Stars of Tomorrow event will be held September 23, 2017 at the Glen Flora Country Club 2200 N Sheridan Rd, Waukegan, IL 60087. The event will feature the induction of Ken Barton into the LCBA Hall of Fame, our Youth Stars of tomorrow scholarship recipients, the All Lake County Team and our Bowler of the Year and Senior Bowler of the year. Details on the additional winners of these awards will be posted in the following weeks.

Ken Barton

Ken Barton - 2017 Hall of Fame inductee.


Bill Spigner's 50th. ABC-USBC Open Championship

Sunday May 21, 2017 Las Vegas Nevada, a milestone was recognized during the annual Open Championship team event.

Bill Spigner accompanied by his wife Barb, his sons JimmyRobert and grandson Judah celebrated this lifetime event as Bill's was being recognized for this 50th. participation in the annual ABC/USBC tournament.

On behalf of the Lake County Bowling Association we would like to congratulate Bill on this accomplishment and his continued support and dedication to our sport.

Please follow this link to read the story from USBC’s Matt Cannizzaro and Brian Hirsch from and Video of the presentation and Bill's speech on YouTube.

USBC Open Championships Tournament director Duane Hagen presenting Bill and his grandson Judah the 50th. participation gold and diamond lapel pin and plaque. 

LCBA Annual Meeting Sunday May 7, 2017 - Brunswick Zone Hawthorn

Annual Meeting

The Lake County Bowling Association will be holding our annual meeting: Sunday May 7, 2017 at Brunswick Zone Hawthorn 316 Center Dr Vernon Hills, IL 60061 Check in - 5:00 - Meeting - 6:00

This meeting will consist of election of board members and reports from each of the committees. All current members of the LCBA are eligiible to participate and vote.

If you have any questions or concerns we welcome all who would like to discuss the state of the sport in Lake County. 

Food and beverages will be served after the meeting comes to a close.

If you are interesting in running for a position on the board as a Director, Vice President, or President, please send your information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. no later than April 23, 2017 (15 days prior to meeting), or mail your application here:

Lake County BA
2412 SE Thornwood Dr.

Lindenhurst, IL 60046

Click on this link for the Lake County BA Board Application

88th Annual LCBA Championships Tournament - BZ Hawthorn

Brunswick Zone                                                                     Hammer Logo BW2

The Lake County Bowling Associations 88th. Annual Championship Tournament was held at Brunswick Zone Hawthorn 316 Center Drive, Vernon Hills Illinois 60061. The LCBA would like to thank Joe Vrobel and his staff hosting this event. The LCBA would also like to thank Hammer Bowling for their continued sponsorship of this year's event. 

2017 LCBA Championships Final Prize Fund Report

Top 5 Standings - Doubles - Singles - All Events

Doubles Handicap 

Jon Cervantes Pandya Nachiket LCBA 2017 Doubles 600x461

1) 1,520 - Jon Cervantes / Pandya Nachiket
2) 1,493 - John Tomlin / Joseph Vrobel
3) 1,456 - Jamie Baker / Ryan Baker
4) 1,445 - Thomas Trapanier / Tom Trapanier
5) 1,445 - Bill Carlton / Dale Lehman

Doubles - Optional Scratch

1) 1,398 - Jaron Vales / Jamie Kaiser
2) 1,384 - Mark Raymond Jr. / Mike Steil
3) 1,372 - Matthew Wood / Charles Rosset
4) 1,370 - Gabriel Rodriguez / Ryan Schmeling
5) 1,363 - Bill Carlton / Dale Lehman

Complete List of Doubles Scratch and Handicap Standings

Singles Handicap

Ryan Ferguson 615x968

1) 785 - Ryan Ferguson
2) 781 - Elwell Weatherhead
3) 776 - Frederick Tompkins
4) 772 - Kyle Lindblom
5) 768 - Tom Trapanier

Singles - Optional Scratch

1) 765 - Andrew Decaluwe
2) 750 - Ryan Schmeling
3) 748 - Mark Rydberg
4) 744 - Alan Mendoza
5) 740 - Jason Graham & Pat Cornell

Complete List of Singles Scratch and Handicap Standings

All Event Handicap

Ryan Schmelling TN

1) 2,175 - Ryan Schmeling
2) 2,165 - Jim Michalec
3) 2,163 - Shawn Morris
4) 2,158 - Spencer Baumruk
5) 2,157 - Howard Rothstein and Jamie Kaiser

Complete List of All Events Handicap Standings

All Events - Optional Scratch

Shawn Morris 616x765

1) 2,163 - Shawn Morris
2) 2,157 - Jamie Kaiser
3) 2,127 - Ryan Schmeling
4) 2,113 - James Spigner
5) 2,102 - Daniel Litewski

Complete List of All Events Scratch Standings

Winning both Handicap and Scratch team events with a series of 3,517 is Get A Grip Pro Shop

Get A Grip Pro Shop 2017 LCBA Small

Pictured: EBI Hammer Rep. Shawn Morris, Jamie Sensabaugh, Patrice Yanel, Ryan Yanel and Dustin Vasey.

Top 5 Standings - Team Event

Team Handicap

1) 3,517 - Get A Grip Pro Shop
2) 3,477 - Mels Team
3) 3,468 - Opponent
4) 3,467 - Tuck And The Boys
5) 3,465 - Lakes Bowl

Team Scratch

1) 3,517 - Get A Grip Pro Shop
2) 3,465 - Lakes Bowl
3) 3,378 - Chicago Bowler Shop
4) 3,349 - Bowler's Universe Vernon Hills
5) 3,339 - G&P Records

Team Event - Complete Standings


2017 88th LCBA Championship Entry Form

There's an app for that -

The USBC has an App for that,

This is a great App for league secretaries and team captains!

Get quick access to your average, achievements, and Championship average.

The app includes the Find a Member feature to get your tournament applications ready for you and your teammates. Quick access to your annual USBC Membership card if you forget to carry it around. The complete Rulebook, BowlTV Videos and recent bowling News.

Android - Apple

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Nothing Hits Like a Hammer Continues!

Hammer Logo

The Lake County Bowling Association would like to Thank Ebonite International Inc and Shawn Morris for their continued sponsorship the Lake County Bowling Associations Team Baker and Championship Tournament events for the 2016-2017 Season.

#Ebonite #NothingHitsLikeAHammer

LCBA 2016-2017 Tournament Calendar of Events

The 2016-2017 Lake County Bowling Association Annual Event poster will be displayed in your local bowling center shortly. Click on the poster below for your own PDF copy.

2016 2017 LCBA Event Poster

2015-'16 Bowler of the Year, All County Team and Senior Bowler of the Year.

The Lake County Bowling Association would like to congratulate the following bowlers for their performance during the 2015-2016 season. 


Bowler of the year honors for the third season in a row goes to Ryan Yanel. Joining him for the All County Team will be Jason Tanner, Chris Colclasure, Tom Hays and Mike Steil


The Senior Bowler of the Year honor goes to Pat Cornell


All of these bowlers will be recognized for their performance at this year’s Hall Of Fame and Stars of Tomorrow event Friday September 23, 2016 at the Midlane Golf Resort, 4555 W Yorkhouse Rd, Wadsworth, IL. Cocktails begin at 6:00 PM, dinner at 6:45 PM, with the induction ceremony following dinner. 


This message with additional details about the BOY and All County team will be update soon.

2015-2016 Stars of Tomorrow Recipients

The Lake County Bowling Association would like to congratulate the recipients of the 2015-2016 Stars of Tomorrow scholarship awards. This year’s honors are awarded to
Kayla Rossi, Macayla Powers, Alexia Napierkowski and Brett Israel.

The recipients of this award will give their acceptance speech during the Association Hall of Fame and Stars of Tomorrow event Friday September 23, 2016 at the Midlane Golf Resort, 4555 W Yorkhouse Rd, Wadsworth, IL Cocktails begin at 6:00 PM, dinner at 6:45 PM, with the induction ceremony will follow dinner.

Lakeside Lanes Monday Night Summer Youth League Highlights June 6, 2016

Three of the junior bowlers in the Monday Night Summer Youth League had a highlight filled evening.

The Singer brothers, both starters on the 2016 IHSA State Champion Stevenson high school team created excitement on the same pair of lanes. 

In game one, Zach the 2016 Illinois State Singles Champ, a "two handed" lefty shot 300. His teammate and brother Josh's conventional right handed style in game three fell one pin short of perfection with a 299 game. Three pairs down from the boys in game two Emma Davellis rolled a 279 game!

2016 Lake County Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame committee would like to congratulate the following bowlers selected for Induction into the Lake County Bowling Associations Hall of Fame for 2016.

For superior performance we would like to congratulate; 
Kevin Bell, Mike Steil and Dean Bakkum!

In the legacy of Lake County bowling in the veteran’s selection we recognize Marv Anderson.

The banquet and ceremonies will be held at Midlane Golf Resort, 4555 W Yorkhouse Rd, Wadsworth, IL on Friday September 23, 2016
Cocktails begin at 6:00 PM, dinner at 6:45 PM, and the induction ceremony will follow dinner.

The evening events includes honoring the 2016 Star of Tomorrow Scholarship awards winners, the LCBA Bowler of the Year, the members of the All-Lake County team and the senior bowling of the year. Click on this link or the flyer and reserve your seats early, reservations must me made no later than September 9, 2016.

2016 Hall Of Fame Reception Flyer


2016 Presidents Cup - Sunset Bowl

2016 Presidents Cup Mosley Scala Kaskadden

2016 Champions: Left Antwuane Mosley from the handicap division,
Lcba President Dave Scala and right scratch division Anthony Kaskadden.

The following bowlers were eligable to bowl the 2016 event.

Handicap Division

Ryder, Nicholas  Washington, Troy Mironov, Andy
Tanner, Travis  Schriver, Chuck  Turner, Percy
Tyra, Kyle  Rivera, Edgar  Carr, Matthew 
Burnett, Florence Olsen, Kevin, Jr Mironov, Andy
Zuchowski, John Ivy, Lamont  Boulton, Roberts
Scholl, Charles  Boulton, Robert   
Levin, Mark Vollmer, Harold   

Scratch Division

Colclasure, Christopher Hays, Thomas Cornell, Pat
Jacobs, Michael R Carlton, Bill Raymond, Mark R, Jr
Kaskadden, Anthony Schmeling, Ryan Tanner, Jason
Waters, John J, III Steil, Michael Morris, Shawn
Banina, Russell Klaas, Joel Blake, Rich
Evans, Mark Tanner, Jason Schmeling, Ryan
Yanel, Ryan Geaslin, Nick  


87th Annual LCBA Championships Tournament - Sunset Bowl

Sunset Bowl Logo                   Hammer Logo BW2

The Lake County Bowling Association's 87th. Annual Championship Tournament was hosted in 2016 at Sunset Bowl 2015 Lewis Ave. Waukegan, Illinois 60087.

Official Standings for all Team, Doubles, Singles and All Events.

Team Handicap and Scratch - Doubles Handicap & Scratch, Singles Handicap & Scratch and All Events - Handicap and Scratch.


2016 LCBA 87th. Annual County Championships - Final Prize Fund Payout. 


Our Hammer Bowling Ball winners:

Weekend #1 - Bob Boulton,  Weekend #2 - Bob Kennedy

Weekend #3 - Michael Cohns,  Weekend #4 - Phil Tentes

Weekend #5 - Randy O'Neal

Honor Scores in the 2016 Event:
838 - Mark Evans
300 - Russ Banina and Chris Colclasure.
11 in a row - Ryan Yanel, Paul Colomer and Mark Evans.


Unofficial Standings as of March 13, 2016

Doubles Handicap - Top 5

 Mark Raymond Mike Steil SM

 Michael Steil and Mark Raymond Jr. - leading both Handicap and Scratch Doubles.

1st. Michael Steil / Mark Raymond Jr. 1,525
2nd. Travis Tanner / Matthew Tanner 1,509
3rd. Steve Foote / Jason Tanner 1,500
4th. Anthony Marcinkus / Kevin Olsen Jr. 1,478
5th. Beverly Fortune / Adrian Fortune 1,475


Doubles  Scratch - Top 5

1st. Michael Steil / Mark Raymond Jr. 1,498
2nd. Steve Foote / Jason Tanner 1,471
3rd. Shawn Morris / Patrice Yanel 1,447
4th. Phil Anderson / Victor Cortez Jr. 1,442
5th. Joel Klass / Eric Wachsning 1,421

Doubles - Handicap and Scratch - Complete standings

Singles Handicap - Top 5

Mark Evans SM    

Mark Evans - leading both Handicap and Scratch Singles.

1st. Mark Evans 843
2nd. John Zuchowski 822
3rd. Charles Scholl 813
4th. Nicholas  Ryder 808
5th. Robert Middendorf 807


Single Scratch - Top 5

1st. Mark Evans 838
2nd. Ryan Yanel 770
3rd. Joseph Klask Jr. 762
4th. John Zuchowski 755
5th. Thomas Hays 747

Singles - Handicap and Scratch - Complete Standings

All Events – Handicap

Nick Ryder SM

Nicholas Ryder

1st. Nicholas Ryder 2,357
2nd. Travis Tanner 2,331
3rd. Lamont Ivy 2,246
4th. Charles Scholl 2,238
5th. Randy Mathias 2,235

All Event Handicap - Complete Standings


All Events – Scratch - Co-Leaders

 Chris Colclasure SM

Christopher Colclasure

 Jason Tanner sm

Jason Tanner

1st. Christopher Colclasure 2,197
Tie Jason Tanner 2,197
3rd. Michael Jacobs 2,154
4th. Nick Geaslin 2,138
5th. Phil Anderson 2,118

All Event Scratch - Complete Standings


Handicap Division Fred's Diner

2016 Team Handicap Freds Diner SV

Rockey Stanek, Bob Boulton, Mike Cerone, Fred Sykes and Gerold Meyer 

Handicap Division Top 5

1st. Fred’s Diner 3,613
2nd. Off All Day 3,592
3rd. Chicago Bowler’s Shop 3.537
4th. Mr. Bills 3,507
5th. Bertrand Lanes II 3,493

Scratch Division -  Chicago Bowler's Shop

2016 Team Scratch Chicago Bowlers Shop SV

Chris Cloclasure, Tom Hays, Rich Blake, Paul Bober and Andy Decaluwe.

Scratch Division Top 5

1st. Chicago Bowler’s Shop 3,537
2nd. Lakes Bowl 2 3,444
3rd. G&P Records 3,415
4th. Suck On That 3,373
5th. That’s Right Bitches 3,357

Unofficial List - Team Handicap and Scratch Standings as of 03/13/2016

87th Annual LCBA Championships Tournament Form

The Lake County Bowling Association would like to again thank Hammer Bowling for their support of our 2016 event. 



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