2017-2018 Tournaments

2018 Presidents Cup Champions

The Lake County Bowling Associations President Cup was held Saturday March 17, 2018 as the final event to the Annual Association Championship Tournament. The LCBA would like to thank George Lawrence and the staff at Bertrand Lanes for hosting this years event. 


The LCBA would like to congratulate our 2018 Presidents Cup Scratch Champion Ryan Yanel!

Ryan Yanel Dale Lehman 2018a 612x572

Pictured with Ryan is Lake County board president Dale Lehman.


Our 2018 Presidents Cup Handicap Champion Andy Nicholas.

Andy Nicholas Dale Lehman 2018 617x557

Pictured with Andy is Lake County board president Dale Lehman.

89th. Annual LCBA Championship Tournament Bertrand Lanes

Our host center for the 2018 - 89th. Annual Championship Tournament will be Bertrand Lanes 2616 Washington St. Waukegan Illinois 847-244-1300.

 The Lake County Bowling Association would like to Thank George Lawrence and the staff at Bertrand Lanes for hosting this years event. We would like like to thank our co-sponsors NorSates Bank and EBI/Hammer. And on behalf of the entire LCBA board Thank you for your continued participation in your annual Association event, we will see you in 2019 at Fair Haven Lanes. 


Official Prize List of the 2018 LCBA Championship

All prizes will be handed out at our Organizational meeting. Gurnee Holiday Inn 1:00 check in 2:00 meeting April 8 2018 If bowlers cannot attend they will be distributed through your league or in the mail.


Jim Kedroski 2018 615x748

Scratch and Handicap All Events - James Kedroski

Handicap All Events - Unofficial Standings Positions 1 through 42 cash.

Place Team Name Pinfall
1 James Kedroski 2,139
2 Jeff Carnes 2,076
3 Austin Luna 2,064


Scratch All Events - Unofficial Standings - Spots 1 through 12 cash.

Place Team Name Pinfall
1 James Kedroski 2,139
2 Christopher Colclasure 2,009
3 Jim Capps 1,965


 Doubles Handicap - Unofficial Standings - Spots 1 through 34 cash.

Wayne Wells Bobby Mullan 2018 615x611

Doubles Handicap - Wayne Wells and Bobby Mullan

Place Team Name Pinfall
1 Wayne Wells / Bobby Mullan 1,366
2 Joseph Ramsey / Chris Corkins 1,352
3 Dave Scala / Thomas Donovan 1,333


Doubles Scratch - Unofficial Standings - Spots 1 through 7 cash.

Gary Locke Jim Kedroski 2018 630x431

Scratch Doubles - Gary Locke and James Kedroski

Place Team Name Pinfall
1 Gary Locke / James Kedroski 1,302
2 Craig Frankel / Keith Kroll 1,292
3 Keith Garrett / Joe Piagentini 1,285


Singles Handicap - Unofficial Standings - Spots 1 through 68 cash.

 Andy Nicholas 2018 603x559

Co-Leader - Andy Nicholas

 Anthony Knoth 2018 459x591

Co-Leader - Anthony Knoth. 

Co-Leaders - Andy Nicholas and Anthony Knoth. 

Place Team Name Pinfall
1 - Tie Andy Nicholas 749
1 - Tie Anthony Knoth
3 James Kedroski 740


Singles Scratch - Unofficial Standings - Spots 1 through 15 cash.

Jim Kedroski 2018 615x748

Singles Scratch Leader - James Kedroski

Place Team Name Pinfall
1 James Kedroski 740
2 jamie Sensabaugh 730
3 Keith Garrett 720


Handicap Team Standing - Unofficial - Spots 1 through 17  cash

Team Wells 2018 605x454

Julian Rumowski, Steve Bausch, Wayne Wells, Howard Jones, and Kenny Mullan.

Place Team Name Pinfall
1 Team Wells 3,312
2 Tavern On 60
3 KTTMJ 3,178


Scratch Team Standings - Unofficial - Spots 1 through 4 cash.

Chicago Bowlers Shop 2018 607x455

Christopher Colclasure, Tom Hayes, Steve Fisher, Rich Blake and Paul Bober.

Place Team Name Pinfall
1  Chicago Bowler's Pro Shop 3,117
2  We Suck 3,047
3  Tavern On 60 3,032


Honor Roll

Mike Sparr 300 2018 Open 625x746

Mike Sparr recorded the only honor score of this year tournament with a 300 game during the doubles event. 

Hammer Bowling Ball Raffle Winners

Robert Makino 610x904

Weekend #1 Winner - Robert Makino 

Tex Williamson 2018

Weekend #2 Winner - Tex Williamson

Edward Garbarini 2018

Weekend #3 Winner - Edward Garnarini

Weekend #4 Winner - Sara Lee

We welcome back our sponsor Hammer Bowling and excited to introduce our events co-sponsor NorStates Bank for the 2018 event. The tournament entry form is now in your local centers, or click on the tournament flyer below for your copy today. 



9th. Annual LCBA Baker Team Tournament Raymond's Bowl

The 9th. Annual Lake County BA Baker Team Tournament was hosted Sunday January 14, 2018 at 1:00 pm at Raymond's Bowl 3690 N. Johnsburg Rd. Johnsburg, IL 815-385-1475. We would like to thank Joe Kuna and the staff for hosting our event. We would also like to Thank our sponsor Hammer Bowling and the Waukegan Woman's Bowling Association for assisting with this years event!

Champions of the 2018 Baker Team event: Buffalo Wild Wings!

2018 Baker Buffalo Wild Wings Small

Steve Brugioni, Jeff Krzeminski, John Fromel Ken Barton, and Carter Laney

Baker Tournament Results

2018 Baker Tournament Flyer

2017 LCBA Masters Lakeside Lanes November 4, 2017

Lakeside Lanes                     USBC Masters Logo

The 2017 Lake County Bowling Association Masters tournament was held November 4, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. at Lakeside Recreation Center, 900 S. Lake Street, Mundelein, Illinois (847)-949-5700. The LCBA would like to John Wing and his staff at Lakeside for hosting this years event. 

This is the association only scratch event featuring six games of qualifying on competitive lane conditions. 

This events scores will be posted soon. 

Victor Cortez Jr Gabe Rodriquez

LCBA association manager Gabe Rodriquez with the 2017 Masters Champion Victor Cortez Jr. 


 2017 LCBA Masters Flyer

12th. Annual LCBA Youth Scholarship Tournament Lakes Bowl October 22, 2017

Lakes Bowl hosted the 12th. Annual Lake County BA Youth Scholarship Tournament Sunday October 22, 2017 at 1:00 PM. 

On behalf of the LCBA board we would like to thank Sue Hallwas for her continued dedicated to the youth of Lake County and the Lakes Bowl family for hosting our event this year. We also want to thank the parents and kids who participated in this years event. 

Unofficial Results

Leading the Prep Division is Winston Petri, and in the Majors Division Diego Cortez.

Use this link for event details and entry form. 

2017 Youth Tournament Entry form

2017 LCBA 24th. Annual Senior Tournament - Sunset Bowl

Our host center for the 24th. Annual Senior Tournament will be Sunset Bowl, 2015 N. Lewis Ave. Waukegan Illinois

This event is now complete and final result are below. the LCBA would like to thank the bowlers who participated this year, and showing us the interest to support the new seniors doubles event! 

Complete Results - Final


50-64 Division

Gary Locke 600x737

Gary Locke - 757


65 and Up Division

Robbie Robinson

Robbie Robinson - 775



Jim Kedroski Gary Gary Locke 617x600

Jim Kedroski & Gary Locke - 1,426

Michael Cohns - Dean Mueller - 1,413

Dale Thomas & Dino Bishop - 1,361

State Tournament Entry Leaders - These bowlers will get paid entry into the state tournament singles event! 

50-54 - Gary Locke - 757

55-59 - Bill Kalaytowicz - 708

60-64 - John Castillo, Sr. - 727

65-69 - Ray Jenkins - 692

70 Plus - Robbie Robinson - 775

For complete rules and entry form click on the link.

2017 LCBA Senior Tournament Entry Rules

Please note the new mailing address for sending your entry: LCBA Senior Tournament, 2412 SE Thornwood Dr., Lindenhurst, IL 60046

2017 Presidents Cup - Brunswick Zone Hawthorn


 Jon Cervantes 2017 Presidents Cup Handicap

Handicap Champion - Jon Cervantes

 Devin Holzmann 2017 Presidents Cup Scratch

Scratch Champion - Devin Holzmann

The final event of the 2016-2017 season is the Presidents Cup. Top bowlers from the association main event are invited back for one final challenge and a chance at the honor of being a Presidents champion.

The LCBA would like to ake all of the bowlers who participated in this years event! 

Handicap Division

Jamie Baker  Michael Hall  Joseph Smiesko II
Spencer Baumruk  Russ Ivy  John Tomlin
Matt Carr  Stylianos Kouvelas  Tom Trapanier
Jon Cervantes  Kyle Lindblom  Kyle Tyra
Robert Dinger  Corey Miller Sr  Charito Urban
George Dougherty  Nachiket Panya  Elwell Weatherhead
Trevor Echtenacher  Howard Rothstein

Scratch Division

Curt Aemisegger Steven Greenspan  Gabe Rodriguez
Jonquay Armon Devin Holzmann  Ryan Schmeling
Derek Boulton Michael Jacobs  Jason Tanner
Luis Cortez Jamie Kaiser  Joseph Vrobel
Victor Cortez Daniel Litewski  Stephen Wojcik
Ryan Ferguson Alan Mendoza
Craig Frankel Dean Mueller

Scores from the 2017 Presidents Cup.


88th Annual LCBA Championships Tournament - BZ Hawthorn

Brunswick Zone                                                                     Hammer Logo BW2

The Lake County Bowling Associations 88th. Annual Championship Tournament was held at Brunswick Zone Hawthorn 316 Center Drive, Vernon Hills Illinois 60061. The LCBA would like to thank Joe Vrobel and his staff hosting this event. The LCBA would also like to thank Hammer Bowling for their continued sponsorship of this year's event. 

2017 LCBA Championships Final Prize Fund Report

Top 5 Standings - Doubles - Singles - All Events

Doubles Handicap 

Jon Cervantes Pandya Nachiket LCBA 2017 Doubles 600x461

1) 1,520 - Jon Cervantes / Pandya Nachiket
2) 1,493 - John Tomlin / Joseph Vrobel
3) 1,456 - Jamie Baker / Ryan Baker
4) 1,445 - Thomas Trapanier / Tom Trapanier
5) 1,445 - Bill Carlton / Dale Lehman

Doubles - Optional Scratch

1) 1,398 - Jaron Vales / Jamie Kaiser
2) 1,384 - Mark Raymond Jr. / Mike Steil
3) 1,372 - Matthew Wood / Charles Rosset
4) 1,370 - Gabriel Rodriguez / Ryan Schmeling
5) 1,363 - Bill Carlton / Dale Lehman

Complete List of Doubles Scratch and Handicap Standings

Singles Handicap

Ryan Ferguson 615x968

1) 785 - Ryan Ferguson
2) 781 - Elwell Weatherhead
3) 776 - Frederick Tompkins
4) 772 - Kyle Lindblom
5) 768 - Tom Trapanier

Singles - Optional Scratch

1) 765 - Andrew Decaluwe
2) 750 - Ryan Schmeling
3) 748 - Mark Rydberg
4) 744 - Alan Mendoza
5) 740 - Jason Graham & Pat Cornell

Complete List of Singles Scratch and Handicap Standings

All Event Handicap

Ryan Schmelling TN

1) 2,175 - Ryan Schmeling
2) 2,165 - Jim Michalec
3) 2,163 - Shawn Morris
4) 2,158 - Spencer Baumruk
5) 2,157 - Howard Rothstein and Jamie Kaiser

Complete List of All Events Handicap Standings

All Events - Optional Scratch

Shawn Morris 616x765

1) 2,163 - Shawn Morris
2) 2,157 - Jamie Kaiser
3) 2,127 - Ryan Schmeling
4) 2,113 - James Spigner
5) 2,102 - Daniel Litewski

Complete List of All Events Scratch Standings

Winning both Handicap and Scratch team events with a series of 3,517 is Get A Grip Pro Shop

Get A Grip Pro Shop 2017 LCBA Small

Pictured: EBI Hammer Rep. Shawn Morris, Jamie Sensabaugh, Patrice Yanel, Ryan Yanel and Dustin Vasey.

Top 5 Standings - Team Event

Team Handicap

1) 3,517 - Get A Grip Pro Shop
2) 3,477 - Mels Team
3) 3,468 - Opponent
4) 3,467 - Tuck And The Boys
5) 3,465 - Lakes Bowl

Team Scratch

1) 3,517 - Get A Grip Pro Shop
2) 3,465 - Lakes Bowl
3) 3,378 - Chicago Bowler Shop
4) 3,349 - Bowler's Universe Vernon Hills
5) 3,339 - G&P Records

Team Event - Complete Standings


2017 88th LCBA Championship Entry Form

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