87th Annual LCBA Championships Tournament - Sunset Bowl

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The Lake County Bowling Association's 87th. Annual Championship Tournament was hosted in 2016 at Sunset Bowl 2015 Lewis Ave. Waukegan, Illinois 60087.

Official Standings for all Team, Doubles, Singles and All Events.

Team Handicap and Scratch - Doubles Handicap & ScratchSingles Handicap & Scratch and All Events - Handicap and Scratch.


2016 LCBA 87th. Annual County Championships - Final Prize Fund Payout.


Our Hammer Bowling Ball winners:

Weekend #1 - Bob Boulton,  Weekend #2 - Bob Kennedy

Weekend #3 - Michael Cohns,  Weekend #4 - Phil Tentes

Weekend #5 - Randy O'Neal

Honor Scores in the 2016 Event:
838 - Mark Evans
300 - Russ Banina and Chris Colclasure.
11 in a row - Ryan Yanel, Paul Colomer and Mark Evans.


Unofficial Standings as of March 13, 2016

Doubles Handicap - Top 5

 Mark Raymond Mike Steil SM

 Michael Steil and Mark Raymond Jr. - leading both Handicap and Scratch Doubles.

1st. Michael Steil / Mark Raymond Jr. 1,525
2nd. Travis Tanner / Matthew Tanner 1,509
3rd. Steve Foote / Jason Tanner 1,500
4th. Anthony Marcinkus / Kevin Olsen Jr. 1,478
5th. Beverly Fortune / Adrian Fortune 1,475

Doubles  Scratch - Top 5

1st. Michael Steil / Mark Raymond Jr. 1,498
2nd. Steve Foote / Jason Tanner 1,471
3rd. Shawn Morris / Patrice Yanel 1.447
4th. Phil Anderson / Victor Cortez Jr. 1,442
5th. Joel Klass / Eric Wachsning 1,421

Doubles - Handicap and Scratch - Complete standings

Singles Handicap - Top 5

Mark Evans SM    

Mark Evans - leading both Handicap and Scratch Singles.

1st. Mark Evans 843
2nd. John Zuchowski 822
3rd. Charles Scholl 813
4th. Nicholas  Ryder 808
5th. Robert Middendorf 807


Single Scratch - Top 5

1st. Mark Evans 838
2nd. Ryan Yanel 770
3rd. Joseph Klask Jr. 762
4th. John Zuchowski 755
5th. Thomas Hays 747

Singles - Handicap and Scratch - Complete Standings

All Events – Handicap

Nick Ryder SM

Nicholas Ryder

1st. Nicholas Ryder 2,357
2nd. Travis Tanner 2,331
3rd. Lamont Ivy 2,246
4th. Charles Scholl 2,238
5th. Randy Mathias 2,235

All Event Handicap - Complete Standings


All Events – Scratch - Co-Leaders

 Chris Colclasure SM

Christopher Colclasure

 Jason Tanner sm

Jason Tanner

1st. Christopher Colclasure 2,197
Tie Jason Tanner 2,197
3rd. Michael Jacobs 2,154
4th. Nick Geaslin 2,138
5th. Phil Anderson 2,118

All Event Scratch - Complete Standings


Handicap Division Fred's Diner

2016 Team Handicap Freds Diner SV

Rockey Stanek, Bob Boulton, Mike Cerone, Fred Sykes and Gerold Meyer 

Handicap Division Top 5

1st. Fred’s Diner 3,613
2nd. Off All Day 3,592
3rd. Chicago Bowler’s Shop 3.537
4th. Mr. Bills 3,507
5th. Bertrand Lanes II 3,493

Scratch Division -  Chicago Bowler's Shop

2016 Team Scratch Chicago Bowlers Shop SV

Chris Cloclasure, Tom Hays, Rich Blake, Paul Bober and Andy Decaluwe.

Scratch Division Top 5

1st. Chicago Bowler’s Shop 3,537
2nd. Lakes Bowl 2 3,444
3rd. G&P Records 3,415
4th. Suck On That 3.373
5th. That’s Right Bitches 3,357

Unofficial List - Team Handicap and Scratch Standings as of 03/13/2016

87th Annual LCBA Championships Tournament Form

The Lake County Bowling Association would like to again thank Hammer Bowling for their support of our 2016 event. 


7th. Annual Lake County Baker Team Tournament

 The 7th. Annual Lake County BA Baker Team Tournament was held Saturday January 16, 2016 1:00 p.m. at Bertrand Lanes 2616 Washington St. Waukegan, Illinois 60085. The Lake County Bowling Association would like to thank Bertrand Lanes for hosting this year event and continued appreciation to our equiptment Sponsor Hammer Bowling for providing our First Place team with their winning bowling balls. 

This fast pace event will again feature a cash prize and five Hammer Bowling Balls to our event champions Quarter Boys

2016 LCBA Baker Team Tournament Champions - Quarter Boys

2016 Baker Champions Quarter Boys

John Clausen, Kenny Echtenacher III, Kevin Echtenacher, Bob Boulton, Barry Seassons and LCBA President Dave Scala.

2015 LCBA Masters Tournament Brunswick Zone Hawthorn October 25, 2015

Brunswick Zone                                                         USBC Masters Logo

The Lake County Masters Tournament was held 1:00 P.M. Sunday October 25, 2015 at Brunswick Zone Hawthorn 316 Center Drive Vernon Hills, IL 60061

We would like to thank Rudy Pagud and his staff for hosting this years event. 

Our 2014-2015 Bowler of the Year Ryan Yanel took additional honors in winning this year event.

Qualifying Scores and Matchplay.  

Ryan Yanel 2015 Masters

If you have any questions contact Gabe Rodriquez at 847-406-8305 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

LCBA Masters Flyer 2015

The Lane pattern to be use for this years event is the 2015 USBC Seniors Masters Pattern. Click on the pattern for the PDF file. 

2015 Senior Masters Pattern


 Click on this link for our entry form and event rules. 

2015 LCBA Senior Tournament Lakeside Lanes

Lakeside Lanes 

The Lake County Bowling Associations 22nd. Annual Senior Singles Tournament was hosted this year by Lakeside Lanes 900 S. Lake St. Mundelein, IL 60060 (847)-949-5700. The LCBA would like to Thank John Wing and his staff for everything they do!

 Ken Nowakowski LCBA 2015 Senior 50 64

Ken Nowakowski and the one that got away!

Alan Markle

Alan Markle winner of the 65+ Division

Official Top Five:

LCBA Senior Singles 50-64 and over Division
1 Ken Nowakowski 220 278 254 267 799 0 799
2 Paul Eagle 201 223 203 267 693 51 744
3 Scott Aho 189 213 244 196 653 84 737
4 FRAZIER THOMAS 196 223 181 248 652 65 717
5 Dean Mueller 215 173 245 268 686 14 700


LCBA Senior Singles 65 and over Division

1 Al Markel 220 246 196 238 680 0 680
2 HIDALGO CONSTANTINO 164 149 211 165 525 151 676
- Lawrence George 203 233 204 193 630 46 676
4 Manuel Robert 177 192 190 172 554 116 670
5 Sloan Dave 192 201 180 208 589 76 665


Results of the Divisions standings:

Class A - 70 and over

Al Markle


Class B - 65 thru 69

Pat Cornell


Class C - 60 thru 64   

Paul Eagle


Class D - 55 thru 59

Ken Nowakowski


Class E - 50 thru 54 

Scott Aho



Complete Official Standings and Payouts.

The senior event is open to all USBC members 50 years and older as of October 3, 2015. This is a handicap event based on 90% of 220 and the entry fee is $25.00. Prize fund will be awarded in two divisions, 50-64 years of age and bowlers 65 and older.

For more details and event rules click on this link or the tournament flyer below. 

2014-2015 Tournaments

10th. Annual LCBA Youth Scholarship Tournament Raymond's Bowl October 25, 2015

Raymonds Bowl Logo

The 2015 LCBA 10th. Annual Youth Scholarship Tournament was held at Raymond's Bowl, 3960 N. Johnsburg Rd. Johnsburg, IL 60051

Winning in the Prep Division was Nicholas Prochnow and in the Majors Division Braden Orbeck, Final Standings with payout for standings and cashers for high scratch game are now online. 

For additional information please call association Manager Gabe Rodriquez at (847) 406-8305. 

Youth Tournament Oct 2015


Click on this link for the 10th. Annual LCBA Youth Scholarship Tournament Entry Form and event rules.

86th Annual LCBA Championships Tournament - Brunswick Zone Fountain Square

USBC LCBA LOGO                                                        Brunswick Zone

The Lake County Bowling Associations 86th. Annual Championship Tournament is hosted this year by Brunswick Zone Fountain Square 631 Lakehurst Rd. Waukegan Illinois 60085


Weekly Winners of the Bowling Ball Raffle.

Rick Moy

Rick Moy - Bad Ass

Ernest Vaughn 2nd Week Ball Winner Small

Ernest Vaughn - Black Widow Legend

 John Flannery

John Flannery-Black Widow Legend

Harry Benson

Harry Beson - Bad Ass

Top Five Unofficial Final Standing as of March 8, 2015

Place Doubles Handicap  Score
1 Yanel, Ryan A / Kaiser, Jamie J 1,503
Jamie Kaiser-Ryan Yanel 2015
2 Piontowski, John J / Piontowski, Joe 1,434
3 Mironov, Andy / Bruser, Nick J 1,431
4 Willms, Dorman C / Thul, Daniel J 1,430
4 Thul, Dennis J, II / Kuhl, Thomas T 1,430
Place Doubles Scratch Score
1 Yanel, Ryan A / Kaiser, Jamie J 1.503
2 Hays, Thomas R / Fisher, Steven L 1,390
3 Cornell, Pat F / Klask, Joseph P, Jr 1,377
4 Pindara, Alan / Meyerowitz, Alan 1,347
5 Schmeling, Ryan / Rodriguez, Gabriel J 1,346
Place Singles Handicap Score
1 Dan Kmieciak 779
Dan Kmieciak
1 Ryan Hill 779
 Ryan Hill
3 Joseph Cole 774
3 Dennis Thul II 774
5 Brian Harden 769
Place Singles Scratch Score
1 Thomas Hays 764
 Tom Hays
2 Carter Laney 754
3 Thomas Donovan 735
4 Jason Tanner 733
5 Gabriel Rodriguez 727
Place All Events Handicap Score
1 Alex Harden 2,203
Alex Harden
2 Ryan Yanel 2,194
3 Thomas Hays 2,188
4 Brian Harden 2,179
5 Dennis Thul II 2,167
Place All Events Scratch Score
1 Ryan Yanel 2,194
Ryan Yanel 2015
2 Thomas Hays 2,188
3 Pat Cornell 2,103
4 Steve Fisher 2,066
5 Patrice Yanel 2,060
Place Team Handicap Score
1 Clueless 3,478

Clueless Team Handicap 2015 600x300.jpg

Charles Scholl, Michael Ptack, Matthew Carr, John Bloomster and Arthur Carr.

2 Here 4 The Beer 3,469
3 Buffalo Wild Wings 3,402
4 Anderson Tile 3,344
5 9's R Us 3,314
Place Team Scratch Score
1 Anderson Tile 3,312

Anderson Tile 2015 Team Scratch 600x336

Jack Haas, Kevin Bell, Joe Pregrocki, Michael Cohns and Ken Fischer.

2 Buffalo Wild Wings 3,294
3 Team Scala 3,278
4 Lakes Bowl HOF 3,270
5 Lakeside Scratch 3,269

Unofficial Final Standings and complete results as of March 8, 2015.

Disputes of final results must be submitted to the tournament director by March 15, 2015.

Team Handicap - Team Scratch - Doubles Handicap - Doubles Scratch

Singles Handicap - Singles Scratch - All Event Handicap - All Events Scratch

Final Prize Fund Payout List All Divisions 2015 Event

Click on the tournament flyer or this link for this years entry form and rules. 



6th. Annual Lake County Baker Team Tournament


The 6th. Annual Lake County BA Baker Team Tournament was held December 14th. at Brunswick Zone Hawthorn lanes in Vernon Hills.

The Lake Country Bowling Association would like to congratulate team Hollen winning this years top prize and 5 Hammer Bowling Balls!

The LCBA would like to thank the 16 teams that participated in this years event!

Results of this 2014 Baker Tournament

Jamie Kaiser - 2014 LCBA Masters Tournament Champion


USBC Masters-Logo                       Raymonds Bowl Logo

The USBC Lake County BA Masters Tournament was held Saturday October 25, 2014 at Raymond's Bowl 3960 N. Johnsburg Rd.

Dave Scala Jamie Kaiser 2014 MastersLake County Bowling Association President Dave Scala
congratulating this years champion Jamie Kaiser

After 6 games of matchplay, and two rounds of 2 game pin fall match play this years event came down to two bowlers. Cotie Holbeck who lead this years event from game one averaging 218 for the day and third place in standings Jamie Kaiser who averages 208 in qualifying. The finals between these two bowlers concluded in a tie that was decided by a 9th. and 10th. frame rolloff. 

On behalf of the Lake County Bowling Association we would like to congratulate Jamie for his accomplishment. We would also like to thank  the bowlers who participated and our host center Raymond's bowl and their staff for another exceptional event. 

Complete Results for the 2014 Masters Event

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